When we testify his goodness in our lives, he will continually bless us. His word says that the one who believes in the Son of God has this testimony within him. Our testimonies prove that we serve a living God who is bigger than all our problems and issues. Join us today and you will also have a greater testimony to share.

Testifying his Goodness in our Lives.

Thanking God for 2015 (Bosun D.) - 3rd January, 2016
I want to thank the good Lord for what he has done for me and my family all through 2015 and even making us see the year 2016. He has been faithful and wonderful to us, always fulfiling his promise in our lives. I want to thank God for good health and for the lives of my families. I also want to thank God for the Church of God, and what he has been doing in our midst. We are all family, and he has joined all of us together in love and unity. Please join me in praising the Lord.

Thank God for Journey Mercies (Deaola S.) - 3rd January, 2016
Join me in praising our good Lord for his mercies and blessings over my family. We travelled to UK last year safely, and he bought us back safely. It can only be his grace and mercy upon our lives. He is awesome and worthy of our praises. He watched over me and my family all through and he is always providing for our needs.
Praise the Lord.

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