One of the best ways to experience God’s blessings and be a part of the Church is through serving. We encourage every member of Victory Temple Knightdale (VTK) to join one or more of the exciting ministries in the House of God and to serve Him with all their heart.

Several opportunities are available to get involved in the various ministries at VTK.


As you decide which ministry to join based on your gifts, interests, and availability, please contact the Minister-In-Charge for direction on your next steps to serving in God’s House. Requirements to serve in a ministry are as follows:

  •     You must be born again.
  •     You must be a member of VTK
  •     You must have completed the Workers Class.

All our ministries are grouped under different directorates.

Our Ministries

  • Honorable Children
  • Evangelism
  • Finance
  • Followup
  • Information
  • Intercessors
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Sunday School
  • Technical
  • Teens of Honor
  • Ushering
  • Choir
  • Care and Share
  • Women of Honor
  • Men of Honor
  • Young Adult